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MMMA Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Fund

MMMA Workers' Compensation Fund History

“Controlling Your Workers’ Compensation Destiny” was the rallying cry in early 1992 when nineteen businesses sponsored by the Missouri Merchants and Manufacturers Association, a leading Missouri business association, formed the Missouri Merchants & Manufacturers Association Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Fund.  The members proved they could reduce their workers’ compensation costs!

MMMA’s Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Fund has become the oldest and largest heterogeneous fund in the State of Missouri.  Membership has exceeded 120 company members and protection is provided for nearly 12,000 Missouri employees.

The MMMA Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Fund is dedicated to providing superior administrative services while maximizing cost savings through the prevention of injuries, aggressive claims management, and cost-containment techniques.

Although surplus distributions are not guaranteed, to date, the MMMA Fund has returned approximately $8 million to qualifying members of the Fund.

Changes to Workers’ Comp. Law - Effective 8/28/05

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