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MMMA Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Fund

A Commitment to Workers’ Compensation Excellence!

Formed in 1992, the MMMA Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Fund is the alternative for “SAFETY CONSCIOUS EMPLOYERS” who want to maximize control over workers’ compensation costs.  It is also the oldest and largest heterogeneous fund in the state of Missouri.

How can my company benefit from joining the MMMA Workers’ Compensation Fund?

Claims Administration is Unsurpassed and Instrumental in Reducing Premiums:

MMMA Claims adjusters know the W.C. law! Legitimate claims are paid quickly and fraudulent claims are denied! In recent months, the MMMA Self-Insured Fund has experienced a 40% reduction in lost-time and medical-only claims.

Can you answer “YES” to the following questions?

1. Are you asked for your input on claims and do you have access to the administrator or claims personnel regarding particular claims?

2. Are you assured stability in pricing from one year to the next to avoid major premium swings?

3. Are claims closed quicker and at a cost lower than industry?

4. Are you guaranteed two or more quality loss control visits per year, OSHA consultation and advice, and ready access to your loss control representative?

5. Do you have Internet access to your claims 24/7?

6. Do you have the ability to receive surplus distribution?

7. Does the underwriter or administrator meet with you to learn about your business and develop a personal relationship?

8. Do you have access to legal counsel for advice on a claim?

9. Will your coverage continue due to one large loss or an increase in your experience mod factor?

10. Do you receive an interest free monthly payment plan?

11. Have you been advised that you can lower your experience mod factor due to the new 2005 W.C. bill effective 8/28/05, which allows employers to pay medical only claims with medical costs up to $1,000.00 and no more than 3 days of lost time?

12. Are you provided with access to a preferred provider network to help reduce the medical cost of a reported claim?

13. Is your premium determined based on your loss record, or are you charged the same as everyone in your industry, whether they are good or bad risks?

14. Are your workers’ compensation claims administered by claims adjusters located in the state of Missouri and familiar with Missouri law? Do you know their names?

15. Do you receive an annual statement of the financial condition of your workers’ compensation provider?

16. Do you receive membership in an association seeking workers’ compensation legislative changes for the employer?

The MMMA Fund can answer “YES” to all of the above!

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