MMMA History, Accomplishments & Quotes
Quotes About the MMMA:

Christopher (Kit) Bond - United States Senator: “MMMA is a vital link in spearheading the causes of small business.”

James Conway - President of ACI Plastics & former Mayor of St. Louis: In the early 1980’s merchants were faced with a rather oppressive licensing tax [in the City of St. Louis].  The merchants joined with MMMA and successfully overturned the legislation...MMMA was absolutely indispensable in making this happen.”

Franc Flotron - Former Missouri State Senator: “Missouri businesses and legislators are very fortunate to have MMMA as partners.”

Bob Holden - Former Governor of Missouri: “Congratulations on 20 years of excellent service.”

David Klarich - Former Missouri State Senator: “For the last 20 years MMMA has earned the reputation of being an outspoken advocate on behalf of small and medium sized businesses.”

John Loudon - Former Missouri State Senator: “Sheelah Yawitz, on behalf of MMMA, was pivotal in crafting the 2005 W.C. bill, bringing all parties together and passing a historic workers’ compensation reform package to help Missouri employers.”

Tom McCarthy - Former Missouri State Senator: “They keep their members informed and protect their interests on matters affecting them in Jefferson City.”

Jim Talent - Former United States Senator: “Without question, MMMA is always present protecting the interests of their members.”

Tom Villa - Former Missouri House of Representatives: “They are known for being knowledgeable, prepared and relentless.”

Logan Wilson - Counsel for Fike Corporation: “Our participation with MMMA for the last 20 years has been extremely rewarding to us as a company from a financial standpoint, but additionally has been a very exciting and wonderful opportunity.  So thank you MMMA and thank you Sheelah Yawitz.”

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